Friday, March 1, 2019

Children obey your Parents


Children obey your parent’s, for this is how it should be, sometimes this may seem difficult, but God will help you to see.

When you were just a baby, and way too young to know,
Your parents could have given you up, but instead they helped you grow.

Some kids have only one parent, and others that have none.
Little tears that cry for love, being alone is never fun.

Remember when you were sick as a child, and needed a helping hand. You cried out to the one who loved you, and knew they would understand.

Well most of us are bound to be hurt, by the ones we love so dear. However, think of how you will feel, when your parents are no longer here.

God knew we needed help in this life, and our parents would not always be right. Nevertheless, tell me now what you would do, if your parents were nowhere in sight.

Would you be ready for what would lie ahead, just to grow up on your own? Would you be feeling empty inside, when you realize you are all alone?

Right now, you may have the answers, that to you just may seem right. Yet what if you were to stand before God, would you know what to say tonight?

You may not like His judgment, but your words will not mean a thing. Because God is the One who said you must obey, and He is Lord and King.

So as you take your time to think, of what your parents should do. Just think of the way you are treating them, your problem just may be you.

If you really want to be happy, with joy that will last day and night. Just obey your parents in the Lord, My children this is right.

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