Thursday, February 14, 2019

My Desire


There are multitudes of Angels, who bow before God’s throne, while many other beings praise Him, and they are not alone.

In Heaven joy is felt in every place, with servanthood being grand. In this place where the Almighty dwells, it is an awesome and holy land.

The streets of gold, and skies so blue, this is a majestic sight to see. When one arrives on the shores of glory, it is the place they all wish to be.

There in the midst of this city, God’s throne is so wonderful and so bright. He gives light to all His Kingdom, as the Creator fills all with His light.  

Time is stalled in this glorious home, for it is no longer linked to the past. We are finally here with Jesus God’s Son, in eternal life at last.

No tears will ever break our hearts, no more pain which we once were in. All the sickness and hurt that we once knew are gone with all our sin.

Pure and Holy we now stand, with love we now wear every day. We now walk in the sight of God, as our Savior leads the way.

Yet here on Earth we wait patiently, and in tears we look up to that place. Our one desire is to meet our Lord in Heaven, to forever see Him face to face.

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