Friday, December 21, 2018

Who will?

Who can enter into heaven, and stand before God’s throne? It is those who possess a pure heart, where the love of God is shown.

It is not about what you impersonate, or what others think of you. It is not about the gifts you give, or deeds they see you do.

Therefore who can enter the holiest place, to bow before God’s Son? Who can claim the victory when their work on earth is done?

Who will stand with the purest heart, a voice that can declare His word? Who will have the knowledge of the message that they heard?

Who can stand before the King, who gave His all to serve? Who can face their battles down here, and never lose their nerve?

Who can live for Him in this world, by walking in His Spirit? Who can say they listen to His voice, and obey every time they hear it?

What will be our testimony, when we stand before our King? What will we be feeling in heaven where millions of angels sing?

Will Jesus say welcome my faithful servant, come enter My Fathers rest? Will we standing there with a joyful heart, knowing we did our best?

Therefore who is able to enter heaven, if we all are guilty of sin? It is those who have placed their faith in Jesus, they are truly born again.

God will welcome every saint, when our days on earth are done. We all will have the purest hearts, made pure by the Blood of God’s Son.

So who will enter heaven, to stand on that Holy hill? Every person who called on Jesus, the answer is, WE WILL!

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