Friday, November 30, 2018

No Greater Love

There was a day when the people saw God’s love; the world was filled with great light. God was at work redeeming fallen mankind, and setting their futures right.

He looked down to this world to see if any understood, for everyone had lost their way. A voice from the throne room in heaven was heard, God’s Son would go to save the day.

Setting aside His riches and glory, He was ready to leave His crown there above. Choosing to be the Lamb sent from heaven, Jesus would now reveal His Fathers love.

The past now called out for the payment of sin, and death would become each person’s loss. Yet God had prepared this sacrifice, to be offered on an old rugged cross.

Taking our pain, and the weight of our sin, God’s Son would now stand in our place. He would die in our stead, and receive all the punishment, offering His love and grace.

There on that cross God canceled the debt, His loving Son would now set us all free. Jesus would take the sin of the world, and nail our debt to that tree.

There may have been tears in Jesus eyes, yet joy would now fill his soul. Up in heaven His Father was now glorified, His plan of redemption made whole.

No greater love then to lay down one’s life, this sacrifice of God’s precious Son. He sent Him to save a world that was lost, because He loved each and every one.

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