Friday, September 21, 2018

Saved by Grace

I am a sinner, saved by grace, who does not deserve to be free. God knew that I was guilty, and He still reached out to me.

While living in a place of darkness, my life was mired in sin. Yet God led me to that rugged cross, where I became born again.

Many times His call would come, yet His message just was not heard. I was bound in darkness, chained to sin, and refused to believe His word.

One day I was up against the wall, I had no other place left to run. There I stood facing the cross of Jesus, and there I met God’s Son.

I opened the bible and read what was written, and soon I began to cry. I found out I could live forever, and His promise that I would never die.

There before the Lamb of God, I offered to Him my all. My eyes were now clear; my ears were now opened, as I finally heard His call.   

I asked my Lord to forgive my sins, as the darkness began to part. I felt a love that was more real than life, as His Spirit came into my heart.

I knew that I would be forever different, and that I was free at last. There at the foot of the rugged cross, is where I crucified my past.

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