Monday, July 23, 2018

Unconditional/ Poem

If you could take one thing to heaven, I wonder what you would take there. Would you gather your wealth, or lots of food, or your most expensive suit to wear?

Would you reach out to people to come with you, all those you have known for years? Would you reach for your cellphone, your greatest collection, or the things that control all your fears?
How about taking your favorite bible, or the song book that helped you feel good inside? Would you rather take a list of all your good deeds, or a covering for what you wish to hide?

Well here is the only thing you can take with you; it’s no bigger than your spirit and soul. It is the grace that the Lord has given to you, the one gift that allows you to go.

None of those things that we have here on earth, all those material possessions must stay. The real you will be called up to heaven, the day Jesus lifts us away.

The Lord will shout to you from heaven, and clothe you in a white robe from above. There you will finally find your one true treasure, in God’s unconditional love.

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