Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Eyes on the prize


We walk by faith in Jesus, resisting all the enemies’ lies. We esteem the treasure far greater, keeping our hearts locked on the prize.

These treasures on earth are only temporary, and soon will pass away. The pleasures on earth will only steal your joy, and cause you to miss that day.

Now we live in these earthly tents, awaiting that heavenly place. Keep your eyes on the path God has laid; never take for granted His grace.

The time is now closer than it was ever before, and faith is a part of your spirit. In a moment our God could call us all home, just as long as we are able to hear it.

Many more things may take place in our time, and soon even those days will be past. Our future will soon become our forever, as we are lifted to see Jesus at last.

You have not suffered unto death on this earth, no matter what the trials may be. Just keep your eyes on the treasure for the faithful, where Jesus will set us all free.

The time is now no lay aside the worry, and forsake all the sinful pleasure.  Like a faithful servant who keeps their eye on the prize, to one day receive God’s treasure.

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