Friday, April 13, 2018

Judge not

When I first became a believer, I had only one desire. I wanted to be a powerful preacher, filled with the Holy Ghost fire.

Many times I would dream of a sermon, where I would touch the hardest heart. Many times I would envision the sinner in hell receiving their evil part.

I could see myself preaching with blood shot eyes, pointing out all of their sin. As I rushed into the battle, to fight for the truth, then do it again and again. 

Then one day while pointing my finger, God’s powerful light began to shine. All of the darkness dissolved before me, to reveal all the sins that were mine.

My face became flush; my pride was exposed, as my tears began to flow. There I stood among those I condemned, awaiting His mercy to show.

There was no way out as I faced the truth, so down on my knees I fell. How could I ask Him for forgiveness, when all I could see was hell?

My eyes became opened, as the sermon ended, no more preaching about the punishment that I now deserved.
Yet there in Gods light I found Jesus, and He gave me a commission to serve.

No more would I be that favored preacher, no more would I see their sin grow. Now I was given the good news, the message Jesus wanted them to know.

I would now preach His love with compassion, which was what He wants all of us to do. Remembering we also were sinners, who needed salvation too.

Now I was equipped with and message of life, because I was able to cast my life down. Knowing that I was also saved by God’s grace, His love I had finally found.

Now when I tell someone about Jesus, I remind them of what’s waiting above. I give them the gospel with compassion, and reach out to them with God’s love.

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