Friday, December 1, 2017


 The waters raged, the thunder crashed, and the lightning flashed so bright. The wind was blowing violently, and the daylight turned into night.

All who witnessed this fearful sight were paralyzed inside.
Surely, death was at the door, and there was no place, where they could hide.

They turned to the one who could help them, Lord we parish and still you sleep. This terrible storm has threatened to sink us, and carry us into the deep.

He opened His eyes in amazement, and He marveled at their fear and doubt. Here they are with the Son of God, and can still see no way out.

He turned and faced the raging storm, and spoke His anointed will. All His followers stood in awe, as they heard Him say “Be Still.”

Then at that very moment, the nighttime turned into day. The clouds were gone, and the storm was over, and the danger gone away.

He turned to them and said in wonder “why are you filled with fear? Don’t you know that nothing can harm you, as long as I am here?”

That is why we must always believe, that no matter what we go through. The storms in your life are powerless, when you have Jesus living in you.

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