Saturday, October 21, 2017

God saved my soul

  God saved my soul

A long time ago, I walked in darkness, with the flames of hell at my feet. I was on that path to that fiery pit, a charge with no retreat.

This world never offered a word of warning, just a cheering at what seemed my fate. Then one day I heard a call from heaven, which stopped me before it was too late.

God in all of His mercy, reached down and He offered me His grace. He pointed me to that place of salvation, where He chose to take my place.

There on the altar where forgiveness was made, God’s Son was crucified. I was the one who stood guilty, yet His Lamb took my punishment and died.

Tears filled my eyes as the darkness lifted, my life that was broken He made whole. I felt my spirit become alive within, as Jesus renewed my soul.

Now I am a child of the Almighty, I belong to His family above. He took those things that were destroying my life, and replaced them with His merciful love.  

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