Thursday, September 21, 2017

Your Desire

 Noah was instructed to build an ark, for the saving of his own. The world was filled with every evil, and the judgment for sin had grown.

Lot was told to leave Sodom; judgment would soon come when he was out. His wife his wife forgot the warning of looking back, and paid the price for her doubt.

Moses was told that he was the one, who would lead God’s people to the Promised Land. Yet forty years they would wander the desert, because they did not understand.

 Now we see God at a lowly stable for the birth of His only begotten Son. Here was the miracle of Salvation, who would reconcile, and save everyone.

Now the years have passed, and the sacrifice was offered, the promise soon to be. The same Jesus, who ascended into heaven, will come back for the world to see.

Life and sin, doubt and pain, still cause many to lose their way. Many refuse to believe in God, just like back in Noah’s day.

They mock, they ridicule, even blaspheming God, while hiding inside their fear. They still miss the warning that Jesus is coming, and the end is finally near.

When Noah entered into the Ark, it was the Lord who shut him in. the rest of the world would all be destroyed, because they loved their sin.

Remember Lot made it to the mountain, because he never looked back again. His wife became a pillar of salt, fir the doubt she held within.

On and on we could show in the bible, yet the point comes right back to you. God has given the end time warning of what He is about to do.

Seals, trumpets, and bowls of wrath, will surely change every plan. He will cause this world to make a choice, to take one final stand.

Here is a choice now set before you, Eternal life, or the Lake of fire. The Ark of our God will soon set sail, choose this day your desire.

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