Monday, September 18, 2017

No more fear

The boat came to shore, and He walked into the burial grounds, His eyes looking all about. He came to set a poor soul free, and cast the demons out.

One man came running toward Him, and stopped just short of the King. Jesus just asked the man who he was, while the others spoke not a thing.

“I am Legion,” the possessed man squealed, as the others just stared in fear. Jesus just commanded the demons out, and into the swine that were gathered near.

Free from the demons the man laid on the ground, as tears began filling his eyes. The pigs all ran into the water and drowned, the others just stood there surprised.

One command from the Master was all it took, to free a poor soul in distress. He taught His followers a future promise that they too could do no less.

God placed the devil under our feet, and there he would have to stay. Yet many of the followers of Jesus have doubt, that they too can do it His way.

Jesus said we would do greater things that would let the entire world know. They would see that we have the Power of Jesus, inside us wherever we go.

Faith is the substance, which builds up all hope, and allows us to stand in the fray. When we speak in the name of Jesus, demons will run away.

However when we walk in the Spirit of God, we will never know defeat. Because, Jesus owns the battle, and in Him there is no retreat!

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