Wednesday, August 23, 2017


If Jesus were to return today what would He behold? 
Would His house be filled with happy sheep, 
or would there be goats throughout His fold?

Would they all come to Him in a moment,
 as He called out every name? 
Would they bow their heads, run and hide, 
too afraid to show their shame?

What, if Jesus signaled to us from heaven
 with a shout saying, “COME UP HERE?” 
Would you have to decide if you were ready to go, 
or would you run away in fear?

What do you think you would be doing
 when the Master comes again? 
Would he find you faithfully doing His work,
 or involved in some hidden sin?

What if all of the sudden he gave the command,
 and lifted the church to the sky? 
Would you be there with the saints in the air, 
or standing here wondering why?

One day the moment will finally arrive, 
and the Lord will descend from the air.
 He will shout those words we have been waiting for, 
and every saint will meet Him there.

That is why we must always be ready,
 and trusting Him each time we pray. 
For Jesus could come in the blink of an eye,
 I wonder…will it be today?

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