Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jesus alone

Jesus is the only way that I shall see heavens shore.  One day when I finally leave this earth, in heaven I will be alive once more.

It is not because I deserve to live, and surly nothing I have done. My salvation is based on what God has offered the sacrifice of His Son.

I was a sinner headed for Hell; I was guilty before the Lord. The debt for sin was eternal death, a payment I could never afford.

My life was clouded with darkness, and one day God called out to me. Out thru that darkness I saw His light, mercy that would set me free.

A sound from the cross shouted “IT IS FINISHED” with His blood offered to pay the price. The Lamb of God now took my place, becoming my sacrifice.

There in the mire of all my sin, in that life that kept me bound. God sent down His Spirit, and He turned my life around.

Now I belong to Jesus my Lord, I am a servant to my King. The day I stand in judgment, thanks to Him I will not owe a thing.

Those gates of heaven will swing wide open, and there at His feet I shall fall. For God has rescued me from the pit of Hell, He is my All in All.

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