Friday, July 28, 2017

The battle is the LORDS


The clouds disappeared and the sky rolled back, what a fearful and awesome sight. There upon a snow-white steed, was Jesus in a brilliant light.

He had eyes like a flame, and a voice like thunder, and all the armies of heaven at His side. Here was the Judge who now rendered them guilty, not the Lamb that they crucified.

Out of His mouth came a double-edged sword, as He spoke every word sliced the sky. He had King of Kings, and Lord of Lord’s, written upon His thigh.

The enemy pointed his defiant finger, with blasphemous words on his breath. While one by one, his weak little forces were all being put to death.

Every word from the Lord had great power, and thousands began to fall. As their blood began to fill up the valley, the birds came to devour them all.

Then in the ranks of the enemy camp, a warning came down to retreat. For all who came against the Son of God, were crushed beneath His feet.

Their evil captain and his second in command were captured as his army fell. Then they were judged and both thrown alive, into a fiery pit of hell.

The dragon, which caused this rebellion, was chained into a bottomless abyss. This was that enemy that caused all the evil, that old devil that no one would miss.

Then on this earth for a thousand years, God’s children received blessings unknown. While thousand’s and thousand’s shouted, holy, holy, holy, as Jesus sat down on His throne.

Revelation 19:11-21

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