Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

When you gather together on Christmas morning, give honor to Gods Son that day. Remember how much God loves you, He sent Jesus to show you the way.

You may sing of the baby in the manger, or the multitude proclaiming the king. You can sing of the day a star shown from heaven, for his birth is what caused them to sing.

Jesus would now bring peace on earth, good will to every man. God sent His Son who could point all to heaven, and help them to understand.

Yes it is a time for giving, as God gave His great gift of love. He wrapped it and sealed it in Salvation, than He sent it to us all from above.

Many will read of Gods Christmas story, that day when peace came down to this earth. His free gift of grace was offered to all, seen in the Saviors birth.

Just remember how great it was, the day He was born, how it caused all the multitude to sing. FOR UNTO YOU IS BORN THIS DAY IN THE CITY OF DAVID OUR KING!

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