Monday, November 14, 2016

You Are Wonderfully Created (Poem)

As a believer in Christ I can truly say, that God is on my side. He watches over me with love and joy, and with mercy He will never hide.

People wonder at His glory and power, and simply stand in awe, to see our God in all of His glory, makes one bow down at what they saw.

This week I have heard many shouting racism, that place where the devil can win. The reason is because people are afraid of the outside, while the hatred they harbor within.

You must watch out for the tricks of the devil, stop judging by a persons skin, Jesus can remove that hatred, by removing all of the sin.

God has many loving colors, He created us all In His plan, love was the glue that would keep us together, and still we just cant understand.

He created us all in His image, just the way that He envisioned us to be, you may be quite different on the outside, but inside you are the same as me.

He loves us all with an undying love, and sent His Son to make sure that we knew. start telling your children they are wonderfully made, for that is what God wants you to do.

Make sure your children understand they are special, they are part of an eternal plan. when you feel as though you are alone with no hope, just reach out and take Jesus Hand...YOU ARE HIS AND HE LOVES YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU.

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