Monday, October 3, 2016

Jesus is calling

Jesus is calling

Down the Via Delarosa, to Calvary’s hill they strolled.  There God would pay the ultimate price, the greatest story ever told.

His Son would bare the sin of the world, with agony that would soon unfold.  He would fulfill the plan that was spoken by the prophets, to the patriarchs of old.

There He hung beaten and bleeding, nailed to a wooden tree. Gods Lamb was there to take our place, He would set the world free.

Rich or poor, kings or servants, could now receive God’s grace.  All could come before His throne, to join God in that place.

Chains could now be broken, lives could be turned around.  Any who called upon the LORD, His presence could be found.

On that cross He looked up to heaven, “It Is Finished” was the words He said. He closed His eyes, gave up his Spirit, the Son of God was now dead.

As we approach the end, as we know it, His promise should be a concern.  He is not dead, and He is coming back, Jesus will return.
Make this the day you receive Him as Savior, for that trumpet will soon declare. That Jesus is calling His saints from heaven, to join Him in the air!

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