Monday, June 6, 2016

Walking by faith

Walking by faith
There are two kinds of Christians who claim Gods delight
 one walks by faith, the other by sight.

They both claim to be righteous and both look the part,
 but one has great fellowship with Jesus in his heart.

The other gives his all to be known as Gods man,
 for his life is an act that none can understand.

He takes certain scriptures to prove he is right,
 yet forgets his own past before finding Gods light.

If a man doesn’t work he should not eat,
 with greed and disgust he never misses a beat.

The other shows mercy combined with love
 for he has his eyes on God up above.

Jesus fed many thousand they never worked for one thing;
 the miracle was that they were there with the KING.

God never asked us to be greater than any,
 but to go in to the world and bring in the many.

Don’t judge their transgressions for you were there too,
 lost in your sins until Jesus saved you.

Go into the world and deliver the good news,
 tell them about Jesus and not your own views.

Reach them with love which is Gods command, 
move in the Spirit and keep with Gods plan.

Don’t, act like the only one who has heard Gods great call, 
remember the greatest must be servant of all.

The church is not the building, as many have heard; 
it’s a place where the sheep go, to feed on God’s WORD.

So which are you being, the follower of Christ,
 or the other Christian who pushes his advice?

Remember one thing as you think you’re the best, 
God love is greater than all the rest.

Be that believer who walks by faith and not sight,
 it pleases our LORD, and shows you are right. God bless you.

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