Friday, June 17, 2016

The Commission

The commission
He gave us power to cast out demons, and to open blinded eyes. He sent us to the darkest places, to answer the hurting cries.

He told us to carry the gospel to all, giving to them the good news. He told us to always be ready, looking up not to worldly views.

He sent His Spirit to lead us in truth, taking us into the harvest field. He gave to us this great commission, His work of Salvation revealed.

He told us to love one another, by remembering He loved us all too. He said His Spirit would live inside us, and would show us what we must do.

So here is my question to every believer, the ones doing what they have heard. When is the commission finished? When do we stop preaching His word?

No place in the bible are we told to quit, no taking our final break. God has appointed us a job to fulfill; we are blessed for heaven’s sake.
One day we will be spreading the good news, and a trumpet will sound in our ear. Than we know that our calling is finished, when Jesus shouts, COME UP HERE!

God will reward us for giving our all, no matter what we have been thru. Our treasure is not in earthen vessels, they are stored up in heaven for you.

Trials and tribulation will be part of our lives, and some may return with the same. The Lambs book of life gives us assurance, for inside God has written our name.

As a believer your retirement may never arrive, let me tell you the reason why. The commission has no expiration date, it ends when you reach the sky.

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