Monday, June 20, 2016

Far richer than Gold

Far richer than gold

The sight of a million angels all bowed before Gods throne. It caused all in Heaven to fall to the ground, as Gods great glory was shown.

One would lift his voice in praise, and all would follow the same. This chorus of praise rings in heaven above, while everyone shouts out his name.

There in the heaven was every color, every nation and every race. They all bowed down before the God of all, His children now saved by grace.

No hatred, no envy, and no difference at all, Gods people all ready to serve. They would now reap the blessing of heaven, the promise they all deserve.

No hunger in heaven, no homeless will beg, for none are left out in the cold. All are the same in His glory, and will now walk those streets of gold.

One has a mansion, so does the other; no favorites shall darken His place. All will be welcome to come to the Father, and speak with Him face to face.

Jesus will take time for all up in heaven, with a love that none could afford. For God has a treasure to share with His people, Jesus our greatest reward.

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