Friday, March 25, 2016


 It blossomed in a moment and the beauty reflected its worth. At first His word was spoken, and behold the planet earth.

 Then in a state of sheer design, came a plan that could not die. Yet the man and woman made a fatal choice, to believe an evil lie.

The entire world would be affected, and nothing would be the same. They were stripped of all their dignity, to wear another ones name.

The hand of the Master Designer, knew just what, would soon take place. He knew that mankind would need a Savior, to redeem the human race.

It seemed that time had now stood still, and their hopes would slowly fade. Through the muck and mire of daily life, the creation now would wade.

Forever repeating the same mistakes, and even coming up with new. No one had an answer, to what they all would do.

Yet the Lamb of God would come face to face, with death, hell and the grave. All of mankind would be redeemed, by the One who had the power to save.

The pit of hell shook violently, as if to see this loss. The demons all screamed crucify, as He was nailed to the cross.

There He was hanging, between heaven and earth, as His final word was said. In a commanding voice, He said; “IT IS FINISHED” and the Lamb of God was dead.

The earth was shaken and the thunder roared, as the Veil in the temple tore in two. Hell was shaken so violently, that devil knew he was through.

Three days had passed and when all was forgotten, they were reminded of the words He said. For now, His promise had been fulfilled as He rose up from the dead.

Once again, on a shining morning, the beauty reflected His worth. For God had proved His Word was true, of how He would save the earth.

 All creation stood in awe, at this miracle the Lord had done. He took the place of the guilty, by giving to us His Son.

The curse of the law of sin and death, He then nailed to that tree. So that nothing would separate us from the love God, which He had for you and me.

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