Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Final Day

The Final day
 It will happen when we least expect it, as we hear the trumpet sound. The world thrust into confusion for what is coming down.

This time was prophesied long ago, of these things now taking place. Wars and rumors, and total destruction, even distrust in every race.

This is a world turned evil, with corruption on the rise. The people all following blindly, while clinging to the evil lies.

This is not about restoring the world, but about the final day. It is when God decides it is over and His plan comes into play.

No one will have the answers, though many will try to explain. This earth will become unbearable, driving man insane.

Soon it will become a breeding ground, for evil to darken this land. A utopian dream deceiving many and none will understand.

Souls will be lost forever; it will banish them all to Hell. Than they will know what they have given up, being blinded by the devils spell.

All their freedom, and all their desires, will be forever taken away. They were not ready, and they could not see, God’s plan for this final day.

Now is your day to awaken, do not slumber like a man asleep. Repent and call on Jesus, or what you have sown you shall surely reap.

Don’t be the mister tough guy, who thinks he can endure Hells flame. Do not think your friends will cheer you on, for they will be suffering the same.

God is about to sound the trumpet, and call His people away. Don’t miss your chance to eternal life; this may be the final day.

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