Sunday, March 27, 2016

Praise the Lamb


The preparations for leaving came as they received the final command.
They would kill, eat, and strike the doorpost with the blood of the Passover lamb.

They all gathered inside to await the moment, as death would pass through the land.
The death angel would claim all the first born, but Gods people were safe in His hand.

In the camp of the enemy, the dead lay scattered, for none could escape the kill.
Those who were under the blood of the lamb were safe for obeying God’s will.

Today many flee as death comes to claim them, hoping to be alive when it is done.
Yet they do not have the blood on their lives, the blood of the lamb God’s Son.

Strike the doorposts of your life today do not wait until your life is in a jam.
Call on the Lord while you still are alive; receive Jesus as your Passover Lamb.

Then when death comes to your home, you will be ready to stand up and sing.
For death will be swallowed in victory, oh death where now is your sting!

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