Thursday, March 10, 2016

Go Forward

Go forward                                               

A door is closed behind me, yet I do not dwell in the past.
 God will open another door, and it will be the one that will last.

Even thou I may have to start again, I will have Jesus at my side.
Life may be uncertain, yet He will be my guide.

Even when darkness rears its head, God’s light will shine the way.
 God will take me safely to the other side, into another day.

No worry or lack will hold me back, and no way am I returning again.
God has a plan that is just for me, one I am ready to begin.

We have to remember no door is closed forever, or a new one will open wide.
Just walk where He leads you and you will be blessed, as you find God there inside.

Trust God with all your heart, even when it becomes hard to see.
When it seems like there is no way out, that is where He will be.

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