Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Book of life

The book of life

Our Father in Heaven will not take our sins, and weigh them all on a scale. He does not compare our good deeds to the bad, every time He watches us fail.

He will judge us all in righteousness, thru His eyes of mercy and grace. That was the reason that He sent His Son, to save the human race.

If we were to receive all that we deserve, there would truly be Hell to pay. No one would survive another moment; we would all be destroyed today.

His love for us holds back His wrath, and His mercy keeps destruction at bay. For God so loved all that He created, and that is why He made a way.

Those who come to Him by faith, have their names written in His book. They will one day be remembered for the decision that they took.

Then in a chosen moment in time, he will open that book once again. To see if your name is written there, or if you still have not paid for your sin.

If you are one who never called on His Son, He will condemn your soul that day. This will then be the last time you see Him, as you now will be led away.

Life is too short to wait my friend; your tomorrow may never arrive. Now you can have your name written in His book, but you must do it while you are alive…

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