Friday, October 2, 2015

God is There

God is there

One day I was walking down an old dirt road, just taking in the view. The clouds hung low with brilliant rays, as the sun came breaking thru.

I came upon an abandoned church that seemed emptied long ago. It had broken windows, and overturned pews, its age beginning to show.

Inside I sat on a wooden crate and I closed my eyes to pray. The burdens of life, and the trials I faced, left me with very few words to say.

I watched as the curtains, now torn and faded, were blowing in the breeze. Outside I saw branches releasing their leaves, now hanging low on the trees.

Soon I heard a quiet voice that whispered low yet clear. I felt warmness pouring over me, and I knew that God was here.

 In the middle of this house of prayer, all my thoughts became crystal clear. That gentle breeze became a mighty wind, and yet I had no fear.

I felt myself bowing to the ground, as I knelt down on the floor. I now was standing on Holy ground, my guilt and shame no more.

“Come unto me,” I heard Him say, “and I will give you rest. Then as I praised Him in that place, I knew that I was blessed.

Suddenly I felt a refreshing fire, filling the inside of me. All the pain, and all the worry were gone, and I know that I was free.

I stood and said, “I love you Lord,” and then I turned to go. Who would believe I was changed in this place, delivered and made whole?

Once again I closed my eyes, and began to again praise His name. I wondered why they would abandon this church, and thanked God I was no longer the same.

Though this building was empty, of singing and praising, God’s Spirit was right there with me. For God will show up where He is truly needed, that is where He will be.

Close your eyes open your heart, and soon He will be found, as you stand in that house of prayer you will find yourself on Holy ground.

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