Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What do you say?

You say that you have perfect health, yet you worry all the time.

You say that God is your supplier, yet you cringe at spending a dime.

You say you have faith to move mountains, yet each trial seems hard to face.

You say you are doing the LORDS work, and then forget you are saved by grace.

You say His Spirit lives in you, yet your faith is different from your walk.

You say you are on fire for Jesus, yet your action does not reflect your talk.

What if someone asked you about Jesus, what would your message be?

What would you say to someone lost, what would these worldly ones see?

You say that you are a Christian, so what does that mean to you?

You say that you have all the answers, yet what would Jesus do?

I once heard if the shoe fits wear it, for the guilty will scarcely go free.

The message is given to all who needs Jesus, and that includes even me.

Therefore the next time we say we are led by His Spirit,
let’s remember the message we first heard.

Just stand in the power of Jesus Name,
and speak what lines up with His word!