Wednesday, September 9, 2015

God is not shaking

Fear, worry, and panic have become our talking points.
For the ones who have claimed
to be led by Gods Spirit,
 may forget just why He anoints.

It is not so that we can look good in our standing,
 or receive all the blessings that we choose.
 For to be led by His Spirit is to tell the world of Jesus,
 that is why it is called the good news.

Yes Hell is for sure a real place,
where all the wicked will one day suffer it is true.
 Yet as long as this world remains seedtime and harvest,
 He wants to reach all these souls using you.

Just read the Bible and you will discover,
 in every trouble He always came thru.
 Noah, Daniel, and the three in the furnace,
 just to mention were only a few.

The widow had plenty in famine,
and Elijah was fed by a bird.
 Remember all of Gods thoughts toward us are only good,
 it is written in His word.

Yes it is true terrible things may happen,
 yet these troubles must soon take place.
 However, God will deliver every true believer,
 every person saved by Grace.

Therefore, plan if you must, save if you can,
 and give to the ones you owe dues.
 Just never forget our mission,
to deliver to the lost the good news.  

Tell them that Jesus is coming again,
and then leave all your worry alone.
Just keep in mind the One who is in charge,
the LORD seated on His throne!

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