Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Born Again
Sometimes when I am all alone, I begin thinking of that Holy place. I begin thanking God for saving my soul, and His Son dying in my place.

My earthly thoughts are on Jesus, who hung upon that tree. It fills my heart with joy unspeakable, just to know that He did it for me.

When I was lost in the mire of sin, that place where I did not care. God already had a plan to rescue my life; He waited to meet me there.

When I think of this gift of grace, I see nothing to boast of my own. Christ paid the price, He ransomed my soul, and He did it all alone.

There in my heart even when I am sad, I can feel His light shining bright. For His Spirit reminds me I am a child of God, made perfect in His sight.

Bought by the blood of Gods loving Son, and forgiven of all my sin. Saved by grace and nothing more, by faith I am born again.

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