Monday, June 8, 2015

Sound the alarm

Sound the alarm

Our leaders today are causing great worry, doing things we do not understand. Yet always remember God has the last word when everything hits the fan.

Many believers fear this is the end time battle, where evil will rule for a spell. Just keep in mind, the fire is blazing, and waiting for them in Hell.

Yes, there is going to be tribulation, as many prepare to feel deaths sting. However, Jesus our LORD will deliver all who remain faithful, to the end of everything.

Not death or Hell nor the evil we see, shall separate us from Gods love. For soon, a trumpet shall sound from the heavens to usher us all above.

Then in that moment, we shall finally be changed, as we are lifted into the air. We shall meet our Savior up in the clouds, as all of the saints gather there.

Just remember as you hear all the madness today, and the future begins to look grim. It is time to proclaim the gospel of Jesus, and keep our eyes on Him.

God has everything under control; nothing being done is a surprise. That devil will confound all the people, by confusing them with his lies.

The truth will soon be proclaimed on the housetops, and the enemy will finally fall. Jesus is coming very soon, so let us declare the gospel to all.

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