Thursday, June 18, 2015

God Never Lies!

He never lies

The secret things belong to the Lord our God,
 and what He reveals belongs to us all.
Yet man keeps seeking a sign from heaven
while missing His warning call.

The trumpet will one day sound from above,
 and the hope of salvation will be through.
 You do not need a miracle vision,
 to show you what you must do.

We see wars, and even rumor of war
 being spoken in every land.
There are earthquakes, uprisings, and terrible disasters,
 yet we fail to understand.

What will happen when millions disappear, 
or great hailstones fall from the sky?
Will this be that sign you have been searching for, 
or will you still believe it is a lie?

The message God gave cannot be any clearer, 
something is about to unfold.
I just pray I am ready when Jesus returns,
 for I wish to leave in the very first load.

I do not care if you dispute the rapture,
 or believe it will never take place.
The bible declares it will happen;
 God will come for those saved by grace. 

The sign that so many are seeking, 
may just catch them all by surprise.
There is one thing that I am most certain about;
 the God that I serve never lies.

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