Saturday, March 21, 2015


 Jesus is the Messiah, the Prince of Peace and friend. He is called the Wonderful Counselor, whose kingdom will never end.

He is the Lord, the King of Kings; the Bread of Life is He, the Nazarene and Carpenter, who lives inside of me.

He is the one called aside, the Master, the Teacher, and the Way. He is gone for now, but is coming again, He could be here any day.

He is the El Shaddai, the Son of Man, and the Lamb who is God’s Son. The one who made everything on earth, He created everyone.

He is the Lion of Judah; the Word of Life is He, the Cloud by Day, the Fire by Night, and the One who parted the sea.

He is at the right hand of the Father, and the One who intercedes. He calls the world to His saving grace, and there He meets their needs.

He is the one who walked on water, and opened blinded eyes our Healer and our Savior, who saves us as He dies.

 He is the Kinsmen Redeemer, the water for our thirsty souls. Our Comforter when we are hurting, and our God who always knows.

He is our joy when we rise in the morning, and our rest that is needed at night. He is the word that we speak when we witness, the lamp to our feet and our light.

 His name goes on and will never end, and is forever lifted above. Jesus the name above every name, the wonderful Savior I love.

There is no other name, which has the power to save, to deliver, make whole, and set free. I love to hear the name of Jesus, it is Eternal Life to me.

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