Saturday, March 21, 2015


 My Lord if there was something I could give, to show you how much I care. I would lay that treasure at your feet, and gladly leave it there.

Everything I have on earth, I would surely bring to you. If it would show how much I cared, then that is what I would do.

I would help the needy, bless the poor, and preach until my face was blue. Everything you ask of me, I would gladly do for you.

 Still I have not done this work my Lord, and at times, I am hardly there.  Too tired to preach, too busy to help, and acting as if I do not care.

My Lord I really love you, please forgive this wayward style. Help me my Lord to do things your way, come, and sup with me awhile.

 Lord, I really do love you so please hear this sinner pray. Come and help me to live for you, and walk with me today.

My Lord I have no gifts to offer, just one treasure I hope you will see. The gift I lay down at your feet, my Jesus it is me.

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