Saturday, March 21, 2015

I WILL / Poem

Beyond the Galilean shore, it was in the darkness of the night. Near the outskirts of this busy town, there were lepers who roamed out of site.

They were hiding from those who ridiculed, and judged them all unclean. Broken hearted and all alone, and from the world now unseen.

 Some would walk these dusty trails, close to the crowded square. In their hearts, they had a longing desire, just wishing that they were there.

Hearing the crowd that sounded so alive, or maybe seeing an old friend go by. They lost all hope, confined to death, while watching one another die.

Staying in the shadows as a crowd drew near, they could scarcely hear them say. Move out of the road, and clear the paths, for Jesus is coming this way.

 They looked at one another, and with boldness made a dash. Knowing they were hated of all, and could face a brutal clash.

Yet they boldly came before the Lord, expecting an angry reply. He said; do not be afraid, please come closer, you have come here now tell me why.

The crowd jumped back in horror shouting, beware they are unclean! However, Jesus stepped closer and touched them, so His love for them could be seen.

Lord, one of them whispered in a broken voice, you could heal us if you will. Trembling and expecting them to throw stones in anger, and cause their blood to spill.

Yet Jesus said, do not be afraid, its OK I understand. Then filled with love and compassion, He reached out to take their hand.

Tears began to fill their eyes, just to feel another person’s touch. Thinking how could He care about the likes of us, and why does He love us so much?

Never before have they seen such mercy, for no one ever showed them this love. Truly, God has visited us, and come down from heaven above.

Then Jesus said, I WILL, you are healed, now go show that you are clean. One fell down and worshiped Him, while the others were nowhere to be seen.

 Here one soul was touched by God, and would never be the same. Free to lift his head again delivered from years of shame.

It does not matter how you come to Jesus, just come closer, and be still. Bring your cares and ask of Him, you will hear Him say I will.

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