Sunday, February 1, 2015

No more dreaming

One day as I was in my quiet place where often I would pray, I began to think about heaven, letting my thoughts just drift away.

Suddenly I felt my soul awakened, and my spirit was then set free. As I heard what sounded like a trumpet, which was calling out to me.

I felt as though I was moving to the heavens, and in a flash, I was standing there. Angels, and creatures of every kind were gathered everywhere.

There before me I saw a brilliant light, which overshadowed the entire place. My eyes were drawn to this awesome sight, where I saw my Saviors face.

He shined like a million diamonds, illuminating overwhelming rays, which guided all who were saved by grace into the presence of the Ancient of Days. 

I slowly looked behind me, to a valley that was shining so bright. I saw a crowd that no one could number, all bathed in a glorious light.

They all came closer to see Jesus, who took the time to greet them all. They were all welcomed into Glory, for they followed the Saviors call.

I could not see any darkness, or shadows, just the glow of this heavenly light. It was like entering a world full of brightness, a truly glorious sight.

The crowd was stretched out for miles and miles, with no chance of seeing the rear. Yet this place was never ending there was room for all to draw near.

Love was felt by all who were there, which made all our joy complete. Suddenly as though everyone felt like praising, every being fell at His feet.

Then in a voice of unity, with the power that heaven affords, we looked into the face of our Savior saying, “Jesus, You are KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS.”

All Heaven rejoiced in a sound like thunder, with every creature in heaven it seemed. Then I opened my eyes and thanked my Savior, for this wonderful vision I had dreamed.

One day this dream will become a reality, and all dreaming will be thru. For we will be standing in heaven, and our dreaming will finally come true.

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