Thursday, February 12, 2015


God gave me a special gift one that made me free. He took my past and threw it behind Him, into the deepest sea.

For I was a terrible person, my life was quite a mess. Yet God saw something special in me, and He loved me nonetheless.

While the devil never lets me forget my past, or the way I used to be. He brings my sin up all the time, as he tries to ruin me.

Then as I feel the sorrow grow, for those things, which I have done. God says I do not know your past it was covered in the blood of my Son.

Then I feel the heart of my Father; pour that cleansing blood on me.  He tells me not to listen to that devil, for His Son Jesus set me free.

  The accusations of the devil, they surely will not last, Jesus holds our future, while Satan brings up our past.

 So the next time that devil even says to me, just look what you have done. I will lift my voice and praise my Father, for sending Jesus His Son. 

No more will I let the sins of my past, be a part of life for me. For Jesus holds my future and my life forever is free.

The devil will surly bring up my sins, for to ruin me is his desire. Yet I will remind him of his future home, burning in the lake of fire.

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