Sunday, January 18, 2015


Our God is watching every part of our lives, even the little things we do. If His eyes are on the sparrow, then surely they are on us too.

He is the supply of all that is living, as He watches day and night. Even in the midst of our daily storms, we never leave His sight.

Yet sin still hides His favor, as we miss all His blessings each day. We cross our bridges dangerously, as the darkness clouds our way.

You may not believe that He loves you, yet I will ask you to think again. While we were yet sinners, He sent Jesus, who died to forgive our sin.

 On that cross where Jesus was hung, God’s love began to show. Even though you were guilty and away from God, He refused to let you go.

Jesus said it is finished, as His blood poured out for each birth. The price was now paid for every soul who ever lived upon this earth.

One day soon, He will sound the trumpet, a shout from heaven above. Then we will join Him in the air, because of God’s unconditional love.

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