Friday, January 23, 2015


Spirits, elders, and living beings, all stand before the Lord.
As one cries holy, holy, holy, all worship in one accord.

A holy scroll is in the hand of Him, who is seated upon the throne.
Yet only one person is worthy to open it, Jesus, and Him alone.

Seven seals would be opened in heaven, to fulfill this end time plan.
While one by one the wrath of God, will be poured out on sinful man.

As every seal is being removed, the trouble on earth will begin.
Seals, trumpets, and bowls of wrath, poured out for their love of sin.

Yet up in heaven a multitude rejoices, as they worship before the King.
Thousands and thousands all lifting their voices, everyone in heaven starts to sing.

Blessing, and glory wisdom, and thanksgiving, honor, and power and might,
be unto our God forever and ever, oh what a powerful sight.

Then a door in heaven is opened, as Jesus mounts a snow-white steed.
Millions and millions fall in behind Him, with the King of Kings taking the lead.

What a fearful sight for those on the earth, they look up to see His glory appear.
Many cry to the mountains to fall on them, to hide them from the trouble that is here.

The armies of the beast are defeated, being destroyed by Gods two-edged sword.
Yet not one of the saints ever raises a weapon, for the battle belongs to the Lord.

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