Saturday, January 3, 2015

Resolve to follow Jesus

 My Resolution

I have a resolution, that I will diligently read God’s word. To find the many promises, of long ago that I have heard.

I will gather all the treasures, all those scriptures that were given. To apply them to this earthly walk, and this Christian life I am liven.

I will try to do better along the way, by remembering what I have read. I will take to heart what pleases God, by doing what He has said.

If I fail along the way, I will ask His forgiveness on the spot. Even though I try to do my best, always being perfect, I am not.

Some may call this a resolution, yet we should try to live it each day. We have a perfect example, for Jesus showed us all the way.

Therefore, if you find yourself failing this task, than this is what you can do. Open the bible, and read the word, and ask the Holy Spirit to explain it to you.

Do not fret if you find yourself slipping, even if you cannot do it all. Just go out on a limb for Jesus, He will not allow you to fall!

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