Sunday, January 25, 2015

Praise Him all your days/Poem

Praise Him all your days
I love to hear those great old hymns that were sung so long ago. The ones that lifted the name of Jesus, helping many Christians grow.

The saints would join in fellowship, praising, and worshiping the Lord. They would lift a joyful noise to heaven, all singing in one accord.

These songs about the rugged cross, or the ones like, I’ll fly away, were sung with adoration like the ones we sing today.

Every title and every chord were sung with reverence and fear. They were lifted up to God Almighty knowing He would hear.

This world is so full of uncertainty and pain, and these songs are much needed today. Sing your songs to Jesus and never let them pass away.

It may be hard to sing in the turmoil, or rejoice in everything. Always remember that God is listening, and He hears your heart when you sing.

He will turn your sad song into joy, and receive your praise with care. He will join you in that melody, so sing and He is there.

Paul and Silas chained in a dungeon; they had plenty of reasons to complain. Yet they knew that God was with them, and their singing drove their enemy insane.

The next time you hear an old hymn playing, just worship with joy and praise. Remember God is listening, so praise Him all your days.

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