Friday, January 23, 2015

My grace is sufficient/Poem

When I am weak, I find the strength, in certain times like these. When I have suffered for no known reason, my pain the Father sees.

When I have been thrown into a bad situation, which ends in a pit of despair, I know in truth, I am not alone, for God will always be there.

Sickness, or pride, or some unwanted sin, may be the thorn in my side. Yet I know that in weakness I will abound in grace for there is nothing I can hide.

When trouble knocks upon the door, with trials following behind, in grace I will see a new way out, and soon His power I will find.

Though I may face the enemy of the cross, I will still proclaim God’s word. I will stand upon His wonderful grace, staying true to what I have heard.

Even if that foe comes to buffet or tempt me, and I request God to remove it from me, I will remember the word, which He spoke to His servant, “My grace is sufficient for thee.”

There I will find the victory, even when all that I do seems wrong. For in God’s grace, I will know His power, and when I am weak then I will be strong.


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