Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Heavenly Battle poem

Heavenly Battle
There is a war, being waged in the heavens with that old dragon in a warrior disguise. Every time his mouth is opened, it sends forth a barrage of lies.

There are blasphemous words, which he shouts aloud, yet to God’s servants this is no great concern. For they carry their message from God to the earth, while he tries to foil them at every turn.

Yet in the expanse where this war is being fought, God’s servants all brandish a sword. They also refuse to relinquish their dignity; they simply rebuke him in the name of the Lord.

His anger and violence is then directed towards men, in an attack to destroy God’s command. Yet the battle was won long ago at the cross, something he fails to understand.

This spiritual battle continues to be waged, with the victims being those who reject God’s Son. These souls being defeated, by a conquered enemy, who devours them one by one.

Here in the center of this dragon’s lair, where his fate was determined from the start, the sword of the spirit, THE WORD OF GOD, has pierced his wicked heart.

Our fight is not against flesh and blood, yet it is for all the souls of men. The victory is standing on the threshold of heaven, where Jesus will come back again.

Keep your mind on those things above; do not fear all the trials here below. For the Lord has given us the victory, he has already defeated our foe.

That devil will surely bring up your past; reminding you of each time you fell. Just stand in the power of the name of Jesus, and remind him of his future in Hell!

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