Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Could today be the day?

Maybe Today
There are wars and even rumors of war,
happening throughout this earth.
With nations rising against nations,
like the pains before the birth.

With earthquakes, shaking many places
and the gospel preached in every land.
Could the tribulation start today,
could destruction be at hand?

Jesus said; as you see these things happening,
to look up, your redemption draws near.
Parents and children battling each other,
it sounds as though it is here.

The signs may now be visible,
like they never have been before.
The Lord said we should always be ready;
He could be standing at the door?

Many will surely be surprised,
with the world unaware.
It will happen in the twinkle of an eye,
one blink and we are there.

Yes, no one knows the day or hour,
but surly today it could be.
That is why I am staying ready,
for when my Savior comes for me.

Do not be caught with a surprise on your face,
or sinning on your mind,
if, this is the moment He decides to come back,
what will the Savior find?

Live as if He may come today,
and always be ready to go,
for a shout from heaven could sound like a trumpet,
and then everyone will know.

Maybe you think you have a lifetime to wait,
but the signs all show it is near.
For in a moment in the twinkle of an eye,
Jesus could be here.

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