Thursday, December 18, 2014

Running in the race

I am running in a special race, I run to obtain the prize. I may stumble and fall along the way, but this should come as no surprise.

That devil is hiding down many of those roads; he is trying to block my way. However, Jesus is always cheering me on, increasing my faith every day.

I never grow weary while running this race, for my reward will be ever so grand. Then when I arrive at the end of my day, my Lord will take hold of my hand.

He will say, “Welcome good and faithful servant, now enter My Father’s rest, you have finished the course and kept the faith, and done your very best.”

“I know there have been many obstacles, which have made you slow a bit. However, you ran as though you would obtain the prize, and you never gave up or quit.

So now, you will wear the crown of life, and your racing days will be thru. You are a member of this royal family, and my child I will always love you.

All that I have is yours to enjoy, with no sorrow or no more sin. Now you can live with me here in heaven, and never have to worry again.

You have finished the race as a champion; you have kept the faith in stride. Every time I heard you call my name, I was right there by your side.”

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