Saturday, December 6, 2014

No Doubt

No doubt
In my mind, I envisioned a door opened in heaven.
 I saw Jesus seated there on His throne.
There was a choir of angels all beholding His glory,
 as His wonderful brilliance was shown.

I tried to get close to this awesome sight, 
yet His glory caused me to fall to the ground.
The power of His holiness began filling my soul,
 removing all the darkness He found.

I lay there a long time with my face to the pavement, 
with tears falling from my eyes.
I felt so ashamed I began weeping loudly,
 I felt like my life and my faith were all lies.

Every sin I had committed now came to my mind,
 and I saw every time I had failed.
I heard Him say you have nothing to fear, 
I took your past to that cross where it was nailed.

Every one of your faults, and all your sins, 
I removed as I hung there on that tree.
I did it because I love you so much; 
I wanted to have you here in heaven with me.

Then I felt a warmness come over me,
 a feeling of love I have never felt before.
Jesus walked over and took hold of my hand; 
He then lifted me up from that floor.

I still had tears, which now flowed freely,
 the joy just to hear my LORD say. 
“That moment you asked me into your heart
 I washed all that old life away.”

“Never again do you ever have to worry,
 for in your heart I will always stay.”
He welcomed me into the Kingdom of Heaven,
 and God wiped all those sad tears away.

I know now that one day that door will be wide open,
 and with a shout, God will lift us all out.
Remember the moment you asked Him to save you,
 it was done so let go of your doubt!

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