Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Idol Heart

Day after day, you long to be rich; and money is your only concern.
You work extra hours, and save like a miser, just hoping to get your return.

What have you made as your idol, is it riches, pleasure, or fame?
What will it matter if you gain the whole world, your outcome will still be the same.

You may have the devotion of many people, who may think you are number one.
Yet in the end, you will be all alone, Defeated when it all is done.

So please tell me what your idol is, with all of the power, the lust, and the greed.
How will you live in a world full of you? What have you gained with your seed?

That idol is anything that means more to you than God, the ownership that takes over your mind.
You may believe you have control of that beast, yet the outcome is not what you will find.

You must cast aside all those idols, to know in whom you believe.
You must place all your faith in one alone, The God whom you hope to receive.

There can be only one master who can rule and reign; only one lord can fill that part.
For anything that you love more than Almighty God, Is an idol that has control of your heart.

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