Monday, December 8, 2014


The day I gave my heart to Christ,
He filled my heart with love.
God decided to forgive my sins,
by sending His Son down, from above.

I asked the Lord to come into my heart
to save my wretched soul.
So that I could live in His wonderful kingdom,
and never again have to go.

Sometimes when I think of heaven,
tears begin to fill my eyes.
Yet I know that one day He will call us to heaven,
for He hears our homesick cries.

 I think of the people who have gone on before us,
how wonderful their new life must be.
To be standing in heaven with Jesus,
or maybe talking to my loved ones about me.

 I wonder sometimes just how it will be,
when I finally enter that place.
Will I fall on my knees when I finally see Jesus,
with tears rolling down my face?

 I wonder if my family will be there to welcome me in,
or will others come to show me around?
What will it be like to meet Jesus,
while standing on holy ground? 

All of those things bring joy to my heart,
just to know that the waiting is through.
When God calls me home, I will be  with your loved ones.
Then I will tell them you are coming too.

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