Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Jesus

It happened on a quiet night, as the daylight hours were worn. In a tiny wooden stable, the God of all was born.

While in the heavens far above, a multitude proclaimed His birth. The Savior born in Bethlehem would now bring peace on earth.

Angels formed a heavenly choir, while Shepherds trembled in fear. They heard the holy proclamation, behold the Lord is here.

Wise men came from distant lands, to see this marvelous sight. The long awaited Son of God was born this very night.

His mother pondered all these things; her heart now filled with His love. She gave birth to the Bread of Life, a gift from heaven above.

All who came to worship that night, brought their treasures to the King. They rejoiced to see God’s promise fulfilled the word that made everything.

Today as we read the Christmas story, let us come as they had done.  Let us show the reason we celebrate, the birth of God’s dear Son.

Lift your hands to the Son of God, and celebrate His birth today, keep the Christ child in your heart, cast all doubt away.

Take some time this Christmas day, to thank God for His Son. For it is He that brought salvation, the miracle He has done.

When you bring your earthly treasure, and bow your head to pray. Tell the Lord you love Him; give your heart to Him today.

Then think of the tiny baby, the Savior of all the earth. Rejoice with your heart as the angels did, while remembering His heavenly birth.

Celebrate with all your heart, then you will understand. Why God came down to bring peace on earth, and good will to every man.

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