Thursday, November 27, 2014


Thanksgiving is a special time, for friends and family to share. To remind ourselves of all our blessings and to be thankful for our Father’s care.

We may not have all the things we would like, and sometimes we may wonder why? Yet God will surely meet our needs, for He is our supply.

Some may not give Him the glory, because their god is not the same. They do not count their blessings, but look for others to blame.

Many people in this world go hungry, still God tends to every need. That is why He loves a cheerful giver, for holding back is greed.

So count your blessings every day, and be there to lend a helping hand. Try to show someone how blessed they are, even if they do not understand.

Remember to count all the blessings you have, as you set down at your table to eat. If you are carrying a heavy burden, then lay it at Jesus feet.

Cast all your care upon the Lord, for He knows what you are going through. Then remember the blessing, that brings thanksgiving, it is Jesus living in you.

 This is the blessing God has chosen to give, His Son that knows no greed. He will surely come and give His blessing, to everyone who is in need.

So count your blessings on this Thanksgiving Day, and remember that no blessing is small. God will pour them on those who ask, just because He loves us all.

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